Weekend Reading [03.11.17]

Tess’ Reads:

  • As someone who has a notoriously hard time falling asleep, I’ve done just about everything – especially the newest trend, sleep-tracking apps. In a pod published this week by the Science of Us, they say that, in fact, people are losing more sleep because of these sleep-tracking apps that are supposed to be helping us get a restful night. Read more about that strange conundrum here.
  • National Women’s Day was this past week, March 8th, and to celebrate many people posted pictures of the statue titled ‘The Fearless Girl’, which depicts a young girl standing steadfastly in the face of a bull. But do you want to know the story and meaning behind this powerful message? I did, too and found a great article on AdWeek discussing its short history and long-term goals.
  • Fast Company did a fabulous write-up of Buzzfeed’s latest business venture: personality-based coffee. You simply answer a few emoji-based questions and bam, personalized coffee just for you! But what does product-matching and quiz-taking say about how we consume (literally and figuratively) the things around us?

Eloise’s Reads:

  • The New York Times did a great write up on How to Hire the Right Person. This article provides us with a different perspective on what employees should look for, how to interview, and what will help show that you are the “right candidate”. It also gives an insight into a few interesting questions that may be asked as part of your next interview.
  • Netflix has a secret page…yes you read that right. Netflix allows subscribers (and non-subscribers!) to suggest titles and requests for content that you would like to become available. in addition to submitting movies and shows you are interested in, it provides feedback explaining why something might not be available already.
  • Most people are not great at hearing feedback. Although we’ve heard more than once that “ignorance is bliss”, this article digs deeper into the way we react to feedback and why it effects us negatively. It ends with some positive thoughts on investing in ourselves and is definitely worth a read.