The Cherry Blossom Pub

The Cherry Blossom Pub has been all over Instagram and Snapchat in recent weeks. The bar is in Shaw and has taken over Mockingbird Hill and Southern Efficiency at 1843 and 1841 Seventh Street.

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E & I swung by, not just for the instas…but also to see if the long lines and $13 cocktails were worth it. We arrived at about 5:40pm, and there was already a line halfway down the block. We waited in line for a little under 45 minutes before getting in. Surprisingly, it was a pretty well-managed crowd. It was definitely crowded, but it didn’t feel over-crowded, sweaty, or like we couldn’t order a drink.

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It took us about ten minutes to get the bartender’s attention, though some of that time was spent snapping pics. After we put in our drink orders, E got a “Neko Colada” and I got a “Prepare for Destiny, Where’s my Pizza”. E’s was surprisingly refreshing and served in a really cute cat mug. My drink was like the best Tom Collins you’ve ever had – it was crisp, fresh, and a little fruity. Although the price was initially a bit steep, they are well-crafted cocktails with yummy ingredients.

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The other side of the bar is Mario-themed and although the Cherry Blossom half was beautifully decorated, I think the Mario-themed section was a bit more exciting and definitely cool! Periodically, the Mario music would play, the lights would sparkle, and characters descended from over the bar.

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Final verdict? We really enjoyed it! It’s worth a trip, and a ‘gram. However, don’t expect to stick around too long. After about an hour we had had our fill and were ready to move onto the next bar.

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Southern Efficiency

1841 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001