4 Ways To Stay Motivated With Your Side Hustle

A work-life balance is tough enough…but a work-life-hustle balance? Well, that seems almost impossible especially when you really really really want to go to that happy hour or, heck, even just take a nap because you’re exhausted from a full day of work. But your side hustle is your passion project, and it shouldn’t be left to collect dust on a shelf. Currently, I have a full time job in marketing, in addition to a leading position on a popular podcast…not to mention THIS passion project. Balancing work, and work, and more work, AND my social life and self-care time can be exhausting. But I find it is so often worth it to do things that make you proud, make you smile, and inspire others. So, how exactly do you stay motivated? Here are my 7 tips:

  1. Find a balance. When you get home from work, don’t immediately jump into your other projects. Instead, take an hour or two to take a shower, make dinner, watch that show you missed last week, or even a quick glass of wine. Going from work to more work can mess with your psyche. If you’re short on time that day, however, try taking a quick walk or even listening to a book or favorite album on the way home from work. Just make sure you carve out some ‘you’ time before diving back into another tasks. Even though it can be a negligible amount sometimes, it will help you in the long run.
  2. Utilize support if you have it. Although many side-hustles are a solitary biz, many      aren’t. If you’re part of a team, make sure to practice open and honest communication  about workload, time availability, and even if you’re having a bad day. Being able to rely  on someone is wonderful because even though it’s a side-hustle, it’s okay to have off- days. What’s even better is you don’t have to have a dark cloud of guilt or frustration hanging over you. Even if you work alone, give yourself a free-pass every once in a while.
  3. Create a relaxing environment. Not everyone is lucky enough to have total control over  their desks at work. In fact, I doubt many people without offices are able to burn candles, listen to music, avoid distraction, or keep a constant pour of yummy homemade lattes at hand. Although the atmosphere you set for your side hustle shouldn’t be exactly spa-like (hey-you’re still working!) it should be a more comfortable and inspiring environment than your desk at work. Additionally, I find it helpful to work at a desk or  even sitting cross-legged at my coffee table. If I’m laying on the couch or in bed, I tend  to…well, intermediately fall asleep. So – create the perfect balance between your un- customizable, distraction-ridden office and your cozy room.
  4. Embrace Consistency. I know this might sound a little boring, but at least you can        spruce it up with cute notebooks and calendars and pens and…what was I saying? Oh yeah,  consistency. Set up a calendar or even a weekly schedule to get things accomplished that you KNOW need to get done every week for your side hustle. Having a schedule doesn’t just hold you accountable, but it makes your social life easier to plan. Really want to go to that new happy hour with that cute guy from your office…but worried about what you need to get done? Check your calendar and double up the night before! By knowing what needs to get done, you’ll be better able to handle changes to your plans, or even include a bit of spontaneity into your jam-packed life.