Here’s Why You Should Get Up Early Before Work

No, it’s not to work out. I mean, I guess you could work out – but I can’t even do that. In fact, this isn’t really a post about being more productive or more effective or more…anything. All it has to do is being mindful of who you are, how you’re feeling, and getting ready for the craziness that is a day-in-the-life. Because, let’s be real, time to yourself is precious.

There is something magical about mornings, especially early mornings – the tranquility, stillness, and indescribable calm-before-the-storm feeling. The physical quietness and lack of disturbances (NO checking emails!!) makes you feel in control of your life. You set the mood of your space completely. I usually start my routine by turning on an old favorite show (right now it’s season 4 of Gilmore Girls) and brewing some coffee. Other mornings, I prefer the comfort of reading a favorite author and a nice cup of tea. But that’s the beauty of an early morning – you don’t have to rush.

Waking early removes the stress of time-tension. If something goes wrong, like you forgot to wash your favorite dress or the metro is broken down or, well, you just wake up in a bad mood  – well it’s not that big of a deal. You have time to deal with these mini, pre-work hurdles. The comforting feeling of not only being in control of your space, but the luxury of time just makes a life a little easier.

Making time to take care of yourself in the morning is fabulously important, too. Not feeling rushed while doing basic self-care actions, whether it be brushing your teeth, doing your hair, or even washing your face, is important. It may seem small, but it’ll make all the difference knowing you put deodorant on before rushing out the door, and realizing you forgot to when you’re 2 minutes from work.

Although you think waking up earlier might make you more tired, that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, being able to full wake-up, have a cup of coffee, watch a pinch of your favorite show, and take your time getting ready can actually help you feel more ready to take on the day.