Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts!

At this point, we have officially missed the window where Amazon Prime can save our forgetful butts. But, luckily, there are still those infamous brick-and-mortar stores to pick up a gift for your significant other. One of the best ones in D.C., in my humble opinion, is tabletop. Whether you’re shopping for that lucky lady or that gent you’re just mad about, you are bound to find something perfect for them in this store.


One of the best things about this shop is that, despite it’s misleadingly small size, it has all kinds of stuff. For coffee lovers, cooks, DIY-addicts, manly-men, girly-girls, wannabe mixologists, jewelry/accessories addicts, art aficionados, and organizational mavericks.


It’s just one of those stores that sells just about every thing you can think, and then some. Not to mention, you won’t break the bank with a gift from Tabletop. While there are some expensive gifts, many of them are in the $15-40 range.


My favorite part of the store is the ridiculously large selection of mugs – tall mugs, diffuser mugs, travel mugs, vintage mugs, ceramic mugs, graphic mugs, goofy mugs, tin mugs, and my personal favorites: mugs with gnomes on them. Clearly, I’m a little bit mug crazy, but that makes life a little easier for my S.O.


They also carry one of E’s and I’s favorite brands: Rifle Paper Co. Rifle Paper Co features paper products (everything from wrapping paper to notepads). These whimsical illustrations could please anyone with an eye for simple, yet well-crafted designs with lots of color.

If you’re still looking for that last-minute gift, stop by DuPont Circle and pick something up.



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