Neighborhood Gem: Kramerbooks & Afterwords


We won’t be the first, or the last, to have Kramerbooks on their list of favorite neighborhood haunts. And there are many reasons that this has been a staple of the DuPont circle neighborhood since 1976. If you haven’t been in a while, you should go. They recently expanded their non fiction section into the building next door, not to mention their ~swag~ offerings. Yours truly is guilty of buying a mug which is, bar none, the best diner-inspired mugs ever.


Now, let’s get to the book section! The whole store is a crowded book lovers’ dream. The shelves are scattered throughout the store in a haphazard but not-quite-hoarder level arrangement. My favorite section is what I think of as the “middle”. This section houses a pretty big assortment of philosophy, poetry, fiction, current bestsellers, and music autobiographies. Now, if the leftmost side (closest to the metro/end of the block…if that makes sense) could give me their two shelves of fantasy, it would truly be the perfect section. Oh, and one more reason i like the middle? That’s where the cake & dessert display from the Afterwords cafe lives, so you can browse desserts AND books at the same time. #goals


Speaking of Afterwords…there is an ENTIRE restaurant and bar. Now, that restaurant is a litttttle pricey to be calling itself a cafe. But, it is a great place to pick up coffee or a late night slice of cake. The bar is not as pricey, and actually has a pretty good happy hour WITH cider on tap (which is very important to yours truly).


The hours are another great things about Kramerbooks. It’s open until 1am weekdays and 4am on weekends. This makes it a perfect place for a pick me up if you watched a really sad movie and need to be comforted by a good slice of cake and an even better book…or maybe that’s just me. Also – the employees in both the bar and bookstore are incredibly helpful, kind, and relatively goofy. If you genuinely don’t know what you’re looking for when you stop in, there’s a good chance they can help you. Or, if you’re feel antisocial you could always just check out the Staff Picks section.


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