Jack Rose Dining Saloon

The Quick Sip

  • Hours: Sun-Thur, 5pm-2am, Fri-Sat 5pm-3am
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri $2 off Full Drafts 5-7:30pm
  • Average Drink Price: $8-15 for cocktails, $6-9 for beer, $8-12 for wine
  • Location: Adams Morgan

 Jack Rose is a great place at all times of the night, which makes it a must-visit destination. Their Happy Hour is delightfully longer than most, which makes it a popular after-work watering hole. At night, it is open until 2 or 3am, serving wonderful drinks and food. Not to mention, there are two distinct floors that you can travel throughout the night. One of these floors is an open air terrace, where E & I spent most of our visit.

The open air terrace, even in early January, was just warm enough to enjoy a warm cocktail, check them out below!

 $10 might look a little steep, especially when you see the size of some of these drinks, but they all pack quite the punch. E & I do not pretend to be whiskey connoisseurs, so we can’t speak of this bar’s apparently fab selection…but if you order a cocktail with whiskey, you’re in for a treat.

Only downside? They do have cigars you can buy, and enjoy, on the terrace. Now this might be construed as a bonus to some people, but over here at t | s the smell of cigars makes us a little woozy, and not in a good way.

Overall, Jack’s is upscale and ‘cool’, without being pretentious. This brings around a great group of people. While there is some music being pumped throughout, it is not loud or overbearing. The bar is busy, but well managed with bartenders that actually use jiggers and put a lot of heart into the craft.

You can enjoy a fun cocktail, serious whiskey, or even the mac’n’cheese balls without feeling strange or out of place. The welcoming vibe and the various places to hang out and enjoy while you’re there make this upscale bar feel almost like a comfortable dive bar…without the divey-ness.

Bottoms up!


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