Here’s How Wine Is Actually Good For You (Well, Sort Of…)

T here and, unlike E, I’m still very much getting used to red wine. Perhaps it’s my age, ardent love for sugar, or enjoying the ability to down a glass without blinking…but white wine remains the top dog for me. We’ve all read articles about why red wine is soo good for you. For a quick refresher, it’s because red wine has red wine tannis, and these tannis contain procyanidins. Procyanidins are proven for protecting against big bad health things, like heart disease. Additionally, another ingredient, Resveratrol, is essential in the removal of chemicals that are responsible for causing blood clots,which is one of the main causes for heart disease.

But what about us die-hard fans of white? Is there no solace for us, no ‘good’ excuse for reaching for that third or fourth glass?

Well, hold the presses because I have a tip for you. White wine MIGHT ACTUALLY BE GOOD FOR YOU.

As good for you as red? Well, that remains to be seen. BUT, it does have health benefits that are usually obscured by the seemingly endless articles promoting ol’ red.

So, why has white wine been so under-researched? Well, mostly because many of the tests done on this beautiful elixir have been theoretical or tested on animals, and not humans. But a recent study called, fittingly, In Vine Veritas (In Wine, Truth) tracked 146 subjects. Of these 146 subjects, half drank pinot noir (E’s camp) and half drank white chardonnay-pinot (My camp) over a period of one year. At the conclusion of the study, the researchers reported at a European Society of Cardiology last year that those who worked out twice per week (ugh) AND drank wine (either kind) saw a significant improvement in cholesterol levels.

While this isn’t as great of an outcome as I was hoping for, sources do say, according to the Washington Post that “No material differences were identified in blood pressure, adiposity, liver function, drug therapy, symptoms or quality of life among those who drank red wine [or] white wine”

So, the next one someone tries to shame you for that third or fourth glass of white, let them know that it has similar heart-saving qualities as red wine. Or, just tell them they can shove it and enjoy more of the elixir of the gods.

Bottoms up!


Source (thanks W post!) 

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